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Wine Tasting Room

Location: Lisbon    Type: International Competition   Date: July 2020    Client: Quinta do Monte d'Oiro

The new wine tasting room in Monte d'Oiro is placed at the end of a path which runs parellel to the winery and overlooks the wineyard landscape to the north-west. The topography drops steeply at this point, so the site acts as a natural viewing point.

The proposal enhances its privileged location, emphasizing the surrounding vineyards and hills and offering stunning views.

As the visitor takes the path that leads to the building the project appears as a landmark, where the sloping roofs remind of the hills in the background and the timber canopies on its end frame the landscape.

As they further approach, the building offers the visitors a view through the internal spaces into the vineyards and hills.

Like the grapes of a cluster, the building is structured into triangular units that define interior spaces and create transition exterior areas with canopies.

The triangular module allows the building to adapt to the end of the path, defining its ends and framing the views in several directions.


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