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36 Social Housing Apartments

Location: Mallorca    Type: Open Competition   Date: June 2020    Client: Ibavi (Balear Island Housing Institute)

The proposal consists on a building aligned to the road, with a solid appearance and that arranges the corners of the plot and the joints with the neighbour's party walls closing the block to give continuity to "Can Ribas" complex.

The facade's plinth made of Marés stone, a typically Majorcan material, dialogues and is referenced in a place dotted with recently refurbished 19th century stone masonry industrial buildings.

The ground floor rises above the street to give the ground floor apartments greater privacy and to solve the slight slope of the plot.
The resulting volume has an openings ratio that integrates well with the neighbourhood scale.

The balconies, which take part of the living area of the apartments, allow the different interior spaces to be oriented to south while protecting from the direct incidence of the sun's rays.

A series of access walkways to the apartments are proposed along the west facade. These outdoor spaces allow cross-ventilation for the doubled-oriented dwellings, capturing the main direction of the prevailing winds and offering solar protection through a metal mesh enclosure that filters the light and views from the interior patio.

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