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Hill of the Arts

Location: Torino    Type: International Competition   Date: April 2020    Client: YAC

The new "Hill of the Arts" is not only an accomodation but also a place to engage with art. A series of buildings and artistic installations will offer an estimulating experience to visitors.

The main idea is to regenerate "Villa Altissimo" by refurbishing the existing buildings and creating paths to enjoy the views and landscapes.

The new volumes will be a series of light constructions (art cabins) connected by hanging walkways and two new half-buried buildings on the hill side: the Artist Hub and the Wellness Area.

Also, the proposal includes some other uses within the existing structures which are proposed to be refurbished, such as a restaurant, accomodation, suites with exposition areas attached, service areas and open exposition zones which are also part of a closed path that shapes the  "artist walk".


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