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Al Umma Park Regeneration

Location: Baghdad, Irak    Type: International Ideas Competition   Date: July 2019     Client: Tamayouz 

The aim of the proposal is to regenerate Al Umma Park and its surroundings, improve the emblematic Tahrir Square and create a new green and dynamic public space for people.

The new park goes beyond its current limits to connect Tahrir Square, as the heart of the proposal, with Tayeran Square, Al Rasheed Street, Al Sadoun Street and Al Jumariyah Bridge. A key factor in the proposal is the purpose of connecting the new green space with the existing one along Abu Nawas and the Tigris river.

In order to connect the city with the new public spaces and distribute the different activity areas along the park, such as playgrounds, picnic, sports, market, ponds, cafes etc, it has been proposed a system of interconnected circular `islands´, each one of which contains specific uses and it is completely free of cars.

The islands change their size and internal structure depending on the specific uses and proposed vegetation. The spaces between them become the pedestrian paths.

As a result, this combination of circles creates a geometric pattern that reminds of Islamic decoration such as tessellations and Persian girih.

The landscape is based on native species, such as palm trees and low growing vegetation. The goal is to enhance the traditional Arabic garden with more than 500 new trees and several fountains, ponds and flower gardens to create an authentic and peaceful place, linked to Iraqi history where visitors can enjoy, learn and socialise.

As a summary, the objective is to merge tradition, design and sustainability to regenerate not only the existing park, but also the city, linking the ancient and the modern urban fabric and becoming a point of attraction for new businesses, social activities and environmental awareness.


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